Holidays are approaching – Choose a New Year’s gift for her or him

As the holiday cheer slowly permeates our daily routine, we want to share with you some brilliant gift ideas from our team. For all enthusiasts of traditional crafts, exquisite craftsmanship, and quality leather goods, our collection of holiday gifts provides excellent options. Just like every year, The Manual Co. offers unforgettable gifts that will bring the holiday spirit to life in a special way, whether you are looking for a New Year’s gift for her or for him. We hope that with our advice, leather goods from our workshop will become part of your family tradition.

New Year’s Gifts for Him

We are confident that the choice of gifts for your beloved men depends on their style and the nature of their work. In the first part, we present wallets and smaller bags, and later, you will have the opportunity to explore leather bags suitable for carrying laptops and essential documents.

Leather Wallets as a Practical Fashion Detail

Beyond the basic function of storing and organising money and credit cards, leather wallets reflect a man’s style and a significant fashion detail. This is especially true for men who appreciate well-tailored suits, quality sweaters, leather shoes, and woollen coats.

When choosing the right wallet, consider how the person you are buying for uses cards versus cash and whether they ever carry family photos in their wallet. If you are buying a gift for someone who rarely uses cash, we suggest looking at our range of cardholders. However, if you are looking for a quality wallet that can provide a unique aesthetic impression and serve a practical function, we recommend these two models.

The main difference between these two models lies in combining two leather patterns, while their interiors are quite similar. Both models can store coins, paper money, cards, photos, and SD cards. It’s up to you to decide whether you prefer a model with an embossed logo or a model with a metal logo and to choose the colour combination that suits you. Both models come in various combinations of different textures and colours inspired by wood.

Take a closer look at Model 5149 here and see how Model 5018 looks in different colour and texture combinations here.

Leather Men’s Bags for Everyday Use

If you are buying a gift for a man who is always on the move or in the car, and who appreciates quality clothing and footwear, a leather bag that can carry keys, documents, and a wallet will be an ideal gift for him. This type of bag never goes out of style, ensuring that the recipient will have something special from you for many years to come.

The models from our collection that we recommend during the New Year’s holidays are slightly more classic, ensuring that you can’t go wrong with any of them.

There are three models, one with a flap and no zippers on the front and two with zippers on the front that differ in the way we present the logo. One model has the logo embossed in leather, while the other has a metal plate with The Manual Co. logo. 

All three models come in various colours, such as shades of brown, black, and blue. What they have in common is that they are handmade from the highest quality cowhide, crafted using traditional methods, and feature high-polished nickel zippers and buckles. It’s up to you to decide based on a detailed review of pocket positions, compartments, available colours, and your budget.

Here are the links to the models shown in the pictures:

Travel and Business Laptop Bags made of genuine leather

When choosing a bag to give during the New Year holidays, the most impactful option is a business bag that can be used for travel and daily use for carrying laptops and essential documents. Whether the man you are buying for is involved in office work or travels extensively, a leather bag is an ideal choice. Our bags are meticulously crafted, paying attention to every detail as we understand the significant value of data and documents that may be inside. 

Therefore, these bags are designed to protect technology such as laptops and tablet devices and be comfortable to carry.

We recommend that you take the measurement of the laptop when making a purchase to ensure a perfect fit. These bags are not only functional but also aesthetically appealing. To get to know them better, we offer you links to our most popular models, where you can carefully explore every detail, including practical pockets that enhance their functionality. 

We are confident that such a gift will not only satisfy but also enchant your beloved man during the holiday moments. Take a closer look at each bag:

New Year’s Gifts for Her

When it comes to women, they generally know what they want from our assortment, but if you want to surprise them, we advise you to choose classic models, which record the greatest interest among our audience.

We present to you some of the models of leather women’s bags and wallets that will delight the women in your environment, and it’s up to you to decide which colour suits your style. You can do this by analysing the colour of their coat or shoes. However, if the woman you are buying a gift for has a diverse style, choose one colour that you recognise as a colour she sometimes chooses. This way, you can be sure that you have chosen the right gift.

Leather Women’s Bags We Recommend

Two models that stand out in our offer are a trapezoidal women’s bag of medium size with full handles and a small elegant all-day purse with a golden buckle.

The trapezoid one is ideal for women looking for a model that combines practicality and elegance. It can carry documents, a wallet, makeup, and everything she needs on a daily basis. The interior features several pockets with zippers, and there is also an option to add a strap for shoulder wear, not just for carrying in hand. 

You can buy this bag in various colours, with a lovely model with a crocodile pattern that gives it an exotic touch. For ladies who prefer classic styles, we recommend the bag in brown, and for those who love colours, there are options in blue, green, and orange.

A smaller women’s bag with a gold-coloured clasp in the middle is extremely popular because it is a good choice for both evening outings and casual combinations during the day. We produce it in multiple colours (white, light blue, purple, cyclamen, brown, orange), and as a result, some of our regular customers own this bag in multiple colours. If you pay attention, you will see a hidden pocket on the back of the bag, and the bag comes with an adjustable strap to fit any height, making it an ideal gift.

Quilted Trendy Leather Wallets for Women

One of the significant trends in recent years is rounded shapes and quilted models, so we included them in our gift suggestions. It’s up to you to choose the dimensions that suit your lady and the colour. We recommend the red colour of the wallet for ladies who love red lipstick, the black one for those who prefer more subdued outfits, and those in other colours for women who love vibrant combinations and are not afraid to mix colours.

When choosing the size of the wallet, take into account the size of the bag that the person you are giving the wallet to has. If she has larger or medium-sized bags, a larger wallet will fit in nicely, and if she prefers smaller bags or often uses cards instead of paper money, choose a smaller-sized wallet.

Why Choose The Manual Co. Products as Gifts for New Year’s Holidays?

Leather goods have the ability to bring a touch of sophistication to every day of your life, and if they are carefully maintained and protected from moisture, the value of these items increases. The small batches that come out of our workshop are made from the finest leather, and delicate crafting processes add a special value recognised by collectors.

Therefore, giving someone The Manual Co. products means giving something more than material goods. It is a gesture filled with the desire for that person to remember the moment of giving for a long time because these products are not fleeting. They are the result of the work of a skilled team of craftsmen whose hearts and souls are woven into every detail, intended for those with whom you want to build a new tradition of giving.

Towards the end, it is important to note that we carefully package each of our products in suitable packaging that preserves our products, so you don’t have to worry about additional packaging if you don’t want to. If you are ordering online, you should know that delivery within Serbia is still free.

Happy holidays! Author: Angelina Popovic