7 Trending Bags for Spring

Every new season brings a touch of innovation, so it’s always interesting to follow the trends from the catwalks. In addition, some classic models are also experiencing a renaissance, which means they will also be present this year.    Here are the spring’s hottest female leather bags from our collection.  

Business chic in magenta

  Checkered, structured forms of bags that do not lack elegance were indispensable at the fashion shows of Prada, Hermès and Gucci this year.   All these bags look perfect in a business setting and give you a touch of seriousness when you opt for a relaxed outfit and baggy trousers. In such bags, you can carry notebooks, laptops, books, and everything else you need during the day.   If you like this style, we suggest a magenta bag with a brown belt and a brown handle, which goes well with dark green and brown tones and white and soft pink shades.

It’s all about the details

  This season, designers added subtle details to their most famous models, such as Hermès Kelly, to bring new life to unsurpassed classics. We saw all kinds of bags on the runways – from flowers to beads, to threads and freshwater pearls.   For our brand, buckles and chain handles is the main accessory of any bag, so we made these mini bags more effective with highly polished silver and gold details, which are subtle but effective.   We suggest you combine this mini model in light blue with all shades of blue, as well as with lighter coats and silver jewellery. We have the same model in combination with a gold buckle so that you can combine it with warmer tones.

Wide handles are trending

  From the Loewe puzzle bag to bamboo handles, the fashion world has been completely obsessed with different shapes of bag handles in the last few years. One of our models with an attractive wide handle stood out among our customers, as they especially liked that it comes in several sizes and colours. These bags are suitable in any occasion. We suggest you wear such a model all year round because it combines beautifully with dresses, suits, and different styles. In terms of colours, you can choose from orange, yellow, beige and pink.

Authentic and bold

  Larger bags are back in fashion and are essential to trendy looks lately. They are practical and a great way to make your style more authentic. Bulky bags can be versatile so that you can wear them for different occasions. They can be worn with casual outfits, such as jeans and t-shirts, but also with elegant combinations for work.   The Manual Co. large bag will suit you whether you are waiting for a long working day or a weekend vacation in some European town.  This adaptable model has a large compartment pocket to pack everything you need. You only have to choose a leather shade compatible with the colour of your existing clothing.

The most sought-after The Manual Co and Coffee With Milk models this spring

  As always, we want to turn to local trends and show you what our loyal customers in Serbia and the region love most this spring.   Our customers are usually more interested in classic models such as the bag with threads, which is a favourite of young girls and those who feel that way, and the refreshed edition of our classic in new colours.   Among the newer models in high demand this spring, there is a bag model with a specific geometric handle. Our top 5 models include a smaller blue bag with a fun ear-like base from the Coffee With Milk collection. You can find it in several shades of blue or bright yellow, white and green on our website. As a cherry on top, the mint model of an elegant bag is very practical and will brighten up your every working and non-working day. We still have this model in ocher, but hurry, because you know our collections are limited.

Which trend will you follow this spring?

  What’s also great this spring is the fact that bulky bags are just as popular as miniature ones, so the choice is entirely up to you. The only thing you need to think about is the colour palette you are going for. As you can see, we picked blue and magenta as our favourites this year. When you make up your mind, we invite you to look at our new online shop or to walk to our sales department, where our colleagues are waiting for you, ready to give you the best advice.   Author: Angelina Popović