CWM Leather bags we want to find under the Christmas tree this year!

December is the ideal time to create a list where we sum up the impressions of the past year and those where we plan for the upcoming year. Of course, one of the most exciting lists is the one where you choose gifts for yourself and your loved ones. So if you plan to gift yourself or a dear woman a CWM leather bag under the Christmas tree this year, we can help you decide what to choose. Our list includes bags from the currently famous Coffee With Milk collection, with free delivery throughout Serbia. Please note that bag series are often limited, so if you like any models on the list, be quick.

Leather bag with a powerful clutch

A small black bag with an exciting clutch is an excellent choice when choosing gifts. They fit easily into everyday clothing combinations and evening wear, coats, and dresses. Slightly rounded lines and highly polished nickel details represent a perfect balance of elegance and nonchalance, making it ideal for younger women who love French aesthetics. Choose between this bag’s red, grey, and black versions on the website.    

A new bamboo bag inspired by retro design

In the post-war period, bags with bamboo handles were a huge hit. Their popularity lasted for many years due to the durable bamboo, which looks phenomenal and gives a new dimension to leather bags. Interestingly, Princess Diana was also a big fan of bamboo-handled bags. She was often seen in sports combinations, elevated to a higher level by carrying bags with such handles. This season we turned to that retro design and created new Coffee With Milk bags for you, which, although they look modern, draw inspiration from the post-war period. You can choose from turquoise, grey, ochre, and black elegant women’s bags in this edition.

A trapezoidal leather bag that adds colour to your day

If you want to start wearing more colours this year, this bag model is ideal for that experiment. A simple trapezoidal shape without many details, the emphasis is on the bag’s colour. The bag’s interior is large enough to have practical value so that you can wear it both during winter and summer. When picking the right bag, choosing a colour that matches your favourite tones is essential. It makes it easy to combine with a scarf, gloves, or coat. Currently, you can order it on the website in green, purple, and grey.

A new form of a leather bag for the new year

In the last year, we saw leather in various forms on the fashion runways. Prominent fashion brands like Bottega showed us how leather could look soft and light.  Following these trends in leather processing, we present an entirely new form of a leather bag. It resembles a bag in shape but retains all the qualities of a leather bag. The interior is lined with pockets and compartments that make it easier to find your small items, and it closes with a magnetic clutch and leather buckle.

Find it on our website in ocher, dark turquoise, and grey.

Stylishly Quilted Leather Bags for Every Season

If you’re buying a gift for someone who loves classic leather bags that never go out of style, you can’t go wrong with this model. You can carry a bag like this every season and pair it with your nighttime and daytime outfits. This elegant quilted bag made of the highest quality leather has a beautiful shine and is enriched with a logo on the front, a clasp, and a handle made of a combination of metal chains and leather. It’s up to you to decide whether you prefer the red, grey, or black version of this timeless model. It’s worth noting that there’s a bag model that’s made in a similar style, but the bag’s shape is slightly narrower. We invite you to look at those models in dark green, grey, and red leather.

A Retro Diva Among CWM Bag Collection

In the end, we saved the diva among leather bags from the latest Coffee With Milk collection. It is known for its bulky handle with oval edges and a subtle trapezoidal shape. Although you can carry it in your hand, this bag has a longer strap that allows you to wear it over your shoulder. Interestingly, this bag is very spacious and closes with two zippers located behind the bag’s handles. This way, you get extra security and can use it as the perfect business bag.

Best Wishes for the End

Now that you’ve seen all our suggestions for attractive bags from the new Coffee With Milk collection, let us know which one you would like to receive as a gift this year. If you’re giving a CWM bag to someone, you don’t have to worry about the packaging because we strive to package all our products in the best way possible to meet aesthetic standards and protect the products during delivery. Follow the discounts on our website and the possibility of free delivery within Serbia.   Thank you for your trust, and we assure you that we will strive to justify your trust in 2023 and continue to fulfil your wishes by giving you creativity, quality, and practical design.

Happy holidays from The Manual Co. team.