Embrace Slow Fashion with Our New Collection of Summer Macramé Leather Bags

Tying a knot may seem simple, but over time, this basic technique has evolved into the intricate art of macramé. While there isn’t much information about the earliest woven nets, we know that as far back as a thousand years BCE, China had various woven nets made from different materials and shapes. Today, macramé is widely seen in boho furniture and décor, and in the past two years, it has emerged on the fashion scene. This shift is driven by the fashion community’s move toward slower production methods for clothing and accessories, countering the rapid production of clothing factories that pollute our planet. Weaving is one of the slowest and most demanding crafting methods, whether for creating garments or home décor. Machines can rarely replicate the forms that skilled hands can design, making macramé a symbol of fashion that values handmade craftsmanship and unique design.

The History of Macramé

The earliest records of macramé are found in China, but it’s more widely known that this intricate weaving technique originated in the Arab world around the 13th century. Throughout history, macramé has come and gone as a trend. Most notably, it resurfaced in the 1970s, a time when people embraced natural crafting techniques. In recent pop culture, the fashion brand Balmain created a dress for Beyoncé’s tour last year that took over 450 hours to make. This dress, a combination of leather and rayon, is a true work of art. Other brands like Chloe have also embraced macramé, creating a corset for tennis star Venus Williams for her appearance at the Metropolitan Museum Gala. Brands like Simone Rocha and Armani joined the macramé revival on fashion runways, incorporating macramé accessories into their 2023 collections.

Welcoming Summer with Our Macramé Leather Bags

Our creative process always involves blending the old with the new and introducing innovations. With this collection, we’ve taken a step further, offering our customers something truly striking and high-quality. The meticulous and precise work required to weave leather threads in unique patterns means this collection is extremely limited, with only three models. The colours we’ve chosen will remind you of sunsets, woven chairs in boho restaurants, and warm sand. This is the perfect summer collection to make you look authentically stylish. Each model is available in multiple colour combinations, and we’re excited to present some of them along with styling tips. Remember, we fully support unique ways of styling and wearing these bags, and we’re always thrilled when you tag us in your outfits.

Dolce Far Niente

Our green bag with its green weaving pairs perfectly for a summer day. Picture yourself tying a silk scarf around your head, wearing comfy sandals, and donning a loose striped shirt over your tan skin and swimsuit. Italians call these carefree days “dolce far niente” (the sweetness of doing nothing), and this macramé bag will help you enjoy them while keeping your style refreshed and unique. This bag is available in red, turquoise gold, green, and rustic red. Depending on the colour you choose, you can match the stripes on your shirt or opt for classic white and enjoy a worry-free summer.

Coffee Lovers Club

This slightly smaller macramé bag is perfect for everyday activities like grabbing coffee. For this model, we suggest pairing the brown version with a light silk skirt and a breezy shirt tucked in on one side. Embrace a monochromatic palette of coffee shades, as it’s still a fashion favourite. Gold accessories, such as chunky earrings or an elegant watch, complement these coffee tones beautifully. You can also get this bag in green or in a combination of a red bag with a brown net.

French Kiss

Red bags are a timeless favourite among our customers, so we’ve designed a modern and romantic outfit to go with your new red macramé bag. Pair trendy items like ballet flats and a slit skirt with a lace blouse and a charming bracelet. This look invites you to romanticize your day, visit your favourite spots, and treat yourself to flowers. Let us know which of our new macramé bag models you like best and which of these styling ideas you’ll recreate this summer. We’re waiting for you in our stores with additional advice. Just make sure to choose your favourite model quickly, as the collection is highly limited due to the slow production process required by the macramé technique.
Author: Angelina Popović