Coffee With Milk represents Manual's sub-brand, created in 2015, finding its inspiration in an inexhaustible source of youthful energy, gentle colors of flowers and sweets. Recognizable visual identity of all products, stores, packaging and logos are characterized by modern design, youthful spirit, attractive shades and textures. For 8 years now, the Coffee With Milk vision has been complemented by the color of youth, packed with an impeccable aesthetic experience and the recognizable quality of each product, all in a traditional way, made by diligent hands from top quality materials - slowly, precisely and with a lot of attention and dedication to details.


Attractive colors are something that characterize all Coffee With Milk products. A wide range of shades embellish numerous leather accessories that you can always combine with any outfit and add a special touch to your style.


Coffee With Milk products are characterized by modern leather textures and quilted details that are trendy on the world's fashion runways. We try to ensure that all accessories keep up with the time and follow up modern trends.


The contemporary design of Coffee With Milk accessories is inspired by youthful energy, trendy details and bright colors of flowers and sweets. The combination of top-quality leather, attractive metal hardware, small details and bright colors create unique products that will raise your style to a higher level.


Inspired by contemporary style with original retro details, the interiors and windows of Coffee With Milk stores exude authenticity and youthful energy. The aesthetics of the interior and shop windows are dominated by natural materials: solid wood, glass, metal, as well as interesting details that give the ambience a special charm.

Shelves in Coffee With Milk stores are characterized by a minimalistic form and simple lines. They are made of natural walnut in combination with glass showcases, edged with shiny metal moldings and metal brackets on which colorful Coffee With Milk accessories are hung.

We pay special attention to the original details that you can see in the interior of our stores, such as detail of the tree, for the production of which it was necessary to invest extraordinary effort, time and attention in order to make the final look completely authentic, unusual and definitely has decorated the space.

The windows of Coffee With Milk stores are made of glass, metal slats or in combination with wood, with an effective luminous brand logo.

Rajićeva Shopping Center - ground floor

The Coffee With Milk store in Rajićeva Shopping Center is one of our favorite boutiques where you will be able to enjoy a warm, retro ambience, a colorful green shop-window, an original detail of the tree and of course, with the help of our friendly staff, choose your favorite models of leather accessories from the rich Coffee With Milk collection.